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Prep: We'll start with making a clear list of what needs to be done and what we can skip that won't get you a return on your investment.

Marketing: My team of stagers, photographers, and other vendors get to work so we can go from zero to live on the market quickly, and of course I'll also be doing what buyers expect like have professional photos taken and putting a virtual tour together, but we need to do more than that to ensure that we end up on a buyer's "must-see" list.

On the Market: Now buyers can fall in love. The most important part of this phase for you is knowing what's going on. I have a communication plan that has set touch-ins at specific times during the process so you know what's going on, what to expect, and what is coming next.

Under Contract: Now is the time to make sure we get to settlement and there is so much that needs to happen during the under contract phase to ensure everything goes smoothly. You'll always feel like you are in-the-know and not caught off guard by anything that could pop up.  

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I have advanced systems in place to make sure your property receives maximum exposure. Once in my system, your listing gets pushed out to over 750 different real estate websites including, Zillow,, Trulia, Homesnap, HomeSpotter, WikiRealty, and so many more!

Are you ready to sell your first home, and move up to your forever home?
I don't want to just sell your home. That's way too easy. I want to sell it for the highest profit to you as possible and have you love every step of the process from now through closing. My process consists of four phases:

I'll provide your listing...

There are 330 million active social media users in the U.S. alone. The average user spends about 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on some form of social media platform. To me, it only makes sense to capitalize on this social media use and post your listings on all of my social media platforms! By doing this, I can reach potential buyers that might not have seen your home on standard real estate websites.

I provide continuous marketing from before your property goes live until the day your home goes under contract. I create a website specifically for your property, custom brochures, property flyers, a landing page, and a virtual tour all designed specifically for your home to highlight its best features. 

Before your home is even listed in the Multiple Listing System (MLS), your home is entered into my internal listing system, exclusive to Pearson Smith Realty agents (all 1000 of us and counting!). This allows me to match you with potential buyers before your listing goes out to the general public. With this system, we have been able to match hundreds of sellers with buyers prior to homes being listed in the MLS.  This saves sellers time, money, and minimizes house preparation stress.  

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